3 Ways to Write Your Book in the New Year

If you, like more than 80% of the people I meet, want to write your first book, next year just might be the year you take on that challenge. I shared with Forbes why I passionately believe every person would benefit beyond their wildest dreams from writing their own book. I can’t predict what amazing things will happen for you as a result of writing your book, but let me ask you this: wouldn’t you like to know? I can promise you this: you won’t regret it in any way but I’m 100% confident you’ll be grateful you did.

Here are three simple ways to make sure it gets written:

  1. Decide it’s time and commit to writing your book. Finish this sentence: I commit to writing my book about …… in 20__. Write it in your Bullet Journal, or on a sticky note … put it somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis.

  1. Give yourself a publication deadline, a.k.a. a goal with the deadline to have it done and out in the world. Finish this sentence: I am so excited to publish my book on ….. {date}. Add that to your sticky note or wherever you wrote down your goal.

  1. Read You Must Write a Book or sign up for the You Must Write a Book LIVE Coaching Course. I’ll help you learn everything you need to know to craft, write, publish, launch, and market your book–and turn it into multiple streams of income). I put everything in the book I could possibly share without talking to you about your specific situation, and the Course is the next level.

Please comment below and tell me the goal you have about your book. 

If you’d like to explore having a coaching conversation with me about your book to see if I can help, send me a message and we’ll get it scheduled. If you want to build a bonafide empire, check this out.

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