A Prosperous Writer has a Website (Making a Living as a Writer, Part 4)

This week I’m continuing this short series about What it takes to make a living as a writer. Check out my posts on networking and getting healthy  as ways to make more money as a writer.

Tim Grahl has an amazing post on building an author website (and a fantastic new podcast, too), so I won’t try to do it better. I want to, instead, encourage you to go through his post step-by-step and create your own author website and give you a few strategic reasons why it’s so important to do so.

First, a prosperous writer treats their business like a business. And, just about every profitable business has a website. You have a real home, and you definitely need a virtual home — your website. Enough said, right?

Second, a prosperous author is legit — and your website proves it. Your bio tells who you are. Your books page allows people to read about (and perhaps purchase) your books … and anything else book-related you sell (workbooks? coaching? speaking? more?). Your website shares other places you can be stalked connect, 🙂 has samples of your writing (blogs, two-chapter opt-ins), and other goodies to help them to connect with you on a deeper level.

Third, your future fans want to know all about you. Your website is like your virtual home, and future fans, current fans, and super fans all want to visit you at (your) home. During research for my upcoming thriller series, I recently discovered Robert Dugoni, a very popular thriller writer. I spent several hours reading his blog posts, about all of his books, his bio, and watching some of his interviews. I’ve also read three of his book, and honestly, I think Bob and I would make great friends (what do you think, Bob?)

Finally, your job is not to just attract the right readers, it’s to repel the wrong ones. Your website can be just like sitting down for a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop, or even in your home. The right people will want to have cup after cup, the wrong people won’t even ring the bell. Your website, when put together correctly, will automatically help the right people love you, follow you, and buy everything you write. Which means you, too, my friend, can be a full-time prosperous author.

Can I get an Amen?

Do you have a website yet? I want to see it! Feel free to email me or post a comment on the blog, and I’ll pick my favorite and post it all over social media.

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