Are You a Prosperous Writer Yet?

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Since writing Prosperity for WritersI’ve had occasion to ponder, process and discuss the many reasons why some writers prosper more than others. This is the first in an undetermined number of emails that will break them down, point-by-point and step-by-step. Ready?

Writers who prosper know how much money they need to make. I’ve already talked about that here, so take a moment to review and let’s keep going.

Prosperous writers treat income with respect, and know exactly where it’s going before it comes in. Dave Ramsey says, Give every dollar a name. While I’ve never gone through Dave’s programs, I know about them in depth and agree with his philosophy. Do you have a name for each dollar of your income? If not, here are some prosperous writer action items for you to embrace:

  1. Tithe: As I discussed in Prosperity for WritersI believe the best way to convince our subconscious minds of anything (in this case that there is more than enough) is to take an action that proves it. You decide what percentage of your income you’re going to give away, and to where. I recommend 10%, but if money is tight, start with 1%, 3%, or even 5%. This process is magical as are the results. Action: the minute you receive money, or on a weekly or monthly basis, give a percentage away before you …

  1. Save: The same percentage you’ve decided you’re going to give away is the exact same percentage you’re going to save for yourself. Choosing even 1% of $5,000 will give you $50 in your savings account. And so it begins! You’ll love how the amount of money you have in reserve builds and grows (and collects interest)! Action: move your pre-determined percentage into your savings account, and then pay your …

  1. Expenses: What is your Monthly Nut? Those are your fixed expenses. Why on earth are expenses number three instead of number one? Because giving away money and giving yourself money outrank your expenses. It seems counter-intuitive, but it works. And I promise you, it’s what prosperous writers are doing. Action: pay all of the bills you can with the money you have on hand, and then move some money for your …

  1. Desires & Fun: Have something you really, really want? Try an old-fashioned strategy that is incredibly sound: save up for it. Open a separate account just for your desire and save the same amount you’re tithing and saving toward it. Once you’ve accumulated the amount of money you need, use it to purchase what you’ve got your eye on. Paying cash for things is great because you won’t go into debt (therefore paying much more than the actual cost of the item), and you’ll appreciate it because you’ve had to build your waiting muscle. Nothing wrong with that, I promise you.

In addition, having fun with your money shows your subconscious mind that money equals fun. And your subconscious mind loves fun! Once you’ve conditioned it that more money equals more fun, you’ll make, find, and attract more money than ever before.

Determining where your money is going to go before it comes in allows you to take control of your money in a way you may not have done so before, which is exactly what prosperous writers do. These action items will work if you work them. You’ll have more money, accumulate more money, and make more money than you ever have before. Commit to consistently work with these steps (stay with them! keep going!) for the next couple of weeks, and I’ll be back with what’s next.

When you start to get positive results, I’d love to read them in the comments below. And remember: #BOLO!

Until next time, here’s to your writing abundance!

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