Are You BOLOing?

BOLO: Be on the Lookout!

If you’ve read Prosperity for Writers, you’ll know BOLO is an acronym for “be on the lookout” for. The first step in “BOLO-ing” (yes, now I’m making it into a verb) is to notice all of the abundance that surrounds you.

Very often I see writers BOLO-ing for writers who are successful (very successful, as luck would have it), but they are getting stuck in “comparisonitis” (which, if you’re just tuning in, is a major thief of joy). Here’s a subtle distinction that might help you make serious gains in your prosperity consciousness–and, as a result, in your writing, book sales, and overall book business.

As you’re looking for people you know, and people you don’t, making their living (i.e., an abundance of money) from writing, also look for folks who are more like you than they are not like you. Writer Mom Life Podcast host Daphne Huff is the mom of a three-year-old who works full time. She noticed that the majority of writers are women, and the most successful writers seem to be men (ahem, well, not this one!). She is BOLO-ing for, and finding, successful writers who have created a successful book business all while being full-time working mamas! She looking, so she’s finding. What about you? Who do you need to be BOLO-ing for?

Without even realizing it, she went in search of the recipe she could use for her own success–finding writer moms! Even as she was still looking, her confidence was growing because she realized if they could, she could. Make sense?

I advise you to do the same (well, not look for writer moms if you aren’t one): look for successful writers who are just like you. And folks, they are everywhere! In 2017, I attended the 20Books Conference in Vegas and talked to dozens and dozens of writers who are full-time. They come from all walks of life, all levels of education, and all income levels (there are folks pulling in six-figures a month from their writing). And, if they can do it, you can do it. For realz.

Got it? I recommend you use your Prosperity for Writers Productivity Journal to jot down some notes about all of the similarities you have with other writers who are just a little further down the success path than you, and then reverse-engineer what they’ve done and are doing (hint: it’s writing, editing, marketing, etc. a lot)!

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