Why It’s Cool to be an Author

It’s pretty cool to be an author. You become the most interesting person at a luncheon or a cocktail party. Why? Because almost everyone wants to be an author (or thinks it’s pretty amazing to be one).

If you want to stand out,
have a book to hand out!

Not only do you get to say, “I’m an author!” when someone asks what you do for a living, there are several other benefits that come after you publish.

You become an expert (the expert!) in your field. Saying you’re an expert isn’t enough. Having a book removes all doubt.

You can raise your professional fees. No matter what you charge now, being an author makes it easy to charge more.

You will be quoted in articles, publications, and yes, even other books. Yes, your book is the gateway to boosting your brand and gaining even more recognition.

You can turn your knowledge and expertise into multiple streams of income. Among them: speaking, consulting, coaching, teaching courses, and so much more.

Your readers can become your fans, clients, and friends (not necessarily in that order). Sometimes, they become all three!

It takes a lot of planning, work, and yes, writing to finally see your name on the cover of your own book, yet I bet you won’t find an author anywhere who wouldn’t encourage you to take the plunge. Including me.

In fact, I believe every professional should write a book! That’s why I devote a large chunk of my time to helping them do just that. Is it your turn? Are you ready? I’d love to help!

Where are you in the process of writing your book?