Back-to-School Means Back-to-Work


I remember singing the song at the beginning of each summer break “School’s Out for the Summer!” With school back in session, we can all now get back to work. As a side note, my parents did a much better job of containing their glee the first week of school than I am able to do. My daughter graduated in May, so this is the first fall in sixteen years we aren’t going back to school. She’s taking a year off to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up, I hope she figures it out faster than I did! 🙂

If you didn’t have an incredibly productive summer, there’s no time to waste crying over spilled milk. Even if you did rock the Kasbah this summer, it’s up to you to seize the opportunities you have in front of you right now, and here are three quick ways to do just that:

Congratulations on getting the kids back to school, and successfully getting back to work.

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