In the previous post, we talked about the fact that to become a success, you first have to think you can become a success.

The next magical step in the magic formula for success:

You have to believe you can.

Thinking is just the first step. Believing is another level in the process of goal achievement. How much do you believe in yourself in general? This belief, or lack of belief in yourself, factors in heavily to whether or not you will actually achieve success on any level that matters to you. When you think about something you would like to achieve, whether or not you believe this, too, is something you can achieve will determine the end result, right then and there.

We all come equipped with the ability to believe absolutely in our abilities and ourselves. Unfortunately, we confront multiple people, situations, and events that cause us to doubt our abilities. If upon reading this idea, you find yourself lacking in self-confidence and belief, now is absolutely the time to challenge your lack of belief and begin to build a new level of self-confidence. {You can work on your self-confidence by reading this.}

To Believe: I believe I can achieve my goal.

To Do: Make a list of your accomplishments to date. Put that list where you can see it often (as a Post-It® on your computer monitor, as a list on your bathroom mirror, or on a notepad next to your bed) and be sure to review it twice a day.

Your belief in yourself is a major factor in your success.


Cool things to ensure your success …


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