Believe You DESERVE It!


Success can be yours. All you have to do is: think you can. Believe you can. Then …

You have to believe you deserve what you want.

Now we’re gettin’ crazy! What do you believe you deserve? What should you believe you deserve? In a word: everything. It is my belief (and I’m the author, so that makes me the expert) that just because you’re a human being walking this planet you deserve anything and everything you would like to have. Deserving it doesn’t mean you will just have it handed to you without a lot of smart planning, hard work, and effort, but nonetheless, you deserve whatever you want and would like to achieve.

You can choose to take on my belief and be off to the races, or you can spend some time figuring out if I’m right. Either way, get to the place where you feel in your heart you deserve your desired outcomes, and that positive mental space in turn will help you to get there faster, easier and while you’re enjoying the process.

To Believe: I believe I deserve everything I desire, including success!

To Do: Make the mental shift into believing you deserve success by affirming “I deserve success” hundreds or even thousands of times a day until you believe it. Ask your mom, spouse, or best friend what you deserve to achieve. Chances are they will say what I said (and no, we haven’t conspired). It’s up to you to step up and into total belief in your deservability (your “how much do I feel like I deserve this”).

Do it now.