Book Myth #1: You Can’t Make Money from a Book

I hope this finds you well and having a terrific year so far!

I hear a lot of faux info regarding writers and making money, and I thought I’d do a series addressing them one by one. Let’s start with:

Myth #1: You can’t make any money from a book.

I hear this one a lot. Almost every aspiring author I speak to has been told (by at least one well-meaning neighbor, aunt, or colleague) that making money from a book is a fool’s errand.

My answer? Incorrect.It is entirely  possible to make money from a book, as well as make money as a result of a book (i.e., using a book to generate fees from professional services, coaching, speaking, consulting, and so much more).

Also, you don’t have to choose: you can generate income in multiple ways.

I’ll give you three examples:

Me. I earn a six-figure income from my books, and I earn a separate six-figure income as a result of business activities I engage in through my books (see my signature, below).

Hal Elrod. My business partner in The Miracle Morningbook serieshas turned his income-generating book into multiple streams of income.

Michael Anderle.This is a fiction writer whose publishing company earns (reportedly) seven figures a month. As of this writing, he’s ranked #31 overall in the Amazon store. Not bad for being a guy who just wanted to earn $50,000 a year from writing books and move to Mexico.

And the three examples above are just three of many

You absolutely can earn money from a book–your book–and I say with this certainty. But here’s the fine print: your book has to be a quality product, published professionally, and marketed unceasingly. Unsurprisingly, just like any other business or product.

What’s your biggest question about crafting, writing, publishing, launching, or marketing your book? I’d love to know! Leave your question in the comments.

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