{Book Review} Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup

Kate Northrup didn’t know it, but she was “my people.” I saw her on Facebook, watched her videos, and resonated with almost every word.

So when I saw she had written a book, I couldn’t wait for it’s release. Literally. I sent her an email, requesting to be an advanced reader in exchange for a review. Not 24 hours had passed before I had a reply and an ebook of my very own to dive into.

I’ve read financial books from across the spectrum. From Dave Ramsey to Suze Orman to Robert Kiyosaki, if there’s a book on how to make, spend, invest, save or multiply money, I’ve read it {or I want to}. Money: A Love Story, therefore, was right up my alley. It arrived just in time for me to do my laundry, but I’d made a promise to read it, therefore the laundry would have to wait. {Darn.}

I expected a book that included budgeting, investing, and making money. Money: A Love Story did not disappoint. I believe “repetition is the mother of skill” and the anecdotal evidence about how mastering the basics eventually turns one into a master is hard to ignore.

What I didn’t expect what the open kimono style of writing Kate used when sharing her story. She shared her deepest feelings, including her fears and vulnerabilities around money. I thoroughly enjoyed just how damn cute she is, too! She was charming and funny all while talking about her businesses, relationship with her mom, and with her now-fiancé Mike! I felt like I was having an intimate conversation with a girlfriend, getting the inside scoop on a taboo topic. It was eye-opening to hear Kate’s perspective on deserving a fantastic relationship with money, and I loved her tips on how to get more comfortable and even make friends with money. After all, you can’t expect something you hate or are afraid of to want to hang out with you, right?

I was pretty excited to even have a major a-ha moment! I’m been on the fence about how to proceed with something in my business life, and right at the end the book, Kate said something that hit me right between the eyes:

“I don’t want to spend any of my precious time … where I can only get paid once for the effort I put in.”

 And there is was, the answer to my dilemma. Problem solved. Time to proceed.

Money: A Love Story is a gem of a read. Even if you’ve read “all of the other books” there is at least one major distinction, lesson or light-bulb moment waiting for you that will literally change your trajectory. What are you waiting for? Get it and start reading it today!


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