Certified Coach Bryan Cohen


Bryan Cohen is an author, a podcaster, and a coach. He’s published more than 40 books, which have been downloaded over a quarter of a million times. As the co-host of The Sell More Books Show, Bryan has become one of the most trustworthy voices in all of self-publishing. His books include 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts, How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis, and the Ted Saves the World superhero series. Learn more at SellingForAuthors.com/About.


Aspiring Authors and Authorpreneurs

Bryan provides individual strategic coaching sessions with an emphasis on self-publishing with multiple streams of income (MSIs) in mind. This is ideal for professionals who desire to publish a book that provides additional income, both from book sales and from increased business.


Coaching Options:

A la carte
Investment $750 per session

Includes focused book strategies, marketing options, and planning within a 50-minute session.

10 Sessions
Investment $5000

Includes a successful book creation, full book strategy and launch with the creation of MSIs. These sessions include access to Honorée’s self-publishing team and resources, manuscript review, and comments.



Contact Information

Email: BookCoachBryan@Gmail.com
Websites: SellingForAuthors.com and Build Creative Writing Ideas
Podcast: Sell More Books Show
Twitter: @BryanCohenBooks
Facebook: Facebook.com/BestPageForward
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