Control Your Mental Real Estate

Without question, the most important element in determining one’s success is their attitude. I’ve noticed it’s really easy to have a great attitude when things are going great. What about when you’re experiencing challenges? Your potentially positive attitude comes from controlling your mental real estate: your most valuable property is that which lies between your two ears.

When you’re on top of the world, it seems as though everything goes right. This can be attributed to “like attracts like.” You may have heard the saying, “The best time to close a deal is when you’ve just closed a deal.” You’ve reached a high vibration, or have gotten in a flow state that seemingly makes things happen. The opposite also seems to be true: you lose a client, then another, then another. What you’re focusing on, you’re getting … positive or negative.

If you want to begin to, or continue to, “trend up,” here are action steps to get you started:

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“Thinking you can unleashes the force that allows it to happen.” ~@Honoree


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