Do You Talk To Yourself?

When I’m asked,  “How do you write so many books?” one of my first thoughts is: I tell myself it’s possible to write more books.

Which brings me to a question I have for you:  What do you say when you talk to yourself? Are you saying positive, encouraging things, or are you beating yourself up, or even insulting yourself?

As it turns out, talking to yourself is a sign of genius. See, you knew you were smart and you were right!

I believe you should talk to yourself, on purpose, every single day. The self-talk in the context I’m referring to is called affirmations. Whatever you say when you talk to yourself can technically be called an affirmation, even if what you’re affirming is something you definitely don’t want…

So, if you want to write more words, write better words, write and publish more blog posts, articles, or books, it is in your best interest to decide what you should say when you talk to yourself … and then spend some time every day doing just that.

Here’s my foolproof 3-step process for designing and using affirmations that work:

You don’t need to become the 2018 version of Stuart Smalley. (Smile.) But if, as I write you’re struggling with getting the results you want, designing, reading and speaking affirmations can be just the propellant you need to get exactly what you want.

I hope you have an awesome couple of weeks! Stay cool, writer friend!

One More Thing…

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