Do You Want a Bestselling Book or a Best Earning Book?

There’s a lot of noise out there—so many folks claiming to be self-publishing experts, offering encouragement or even a way to write and publish your book in record time. And some even promise to help you become an Amazon bestseller.

It sounds like a great goal: Become an Amazon bestseller. When I’m interviewed or hired by a new client, I’m often asked, “How does someone become an Amazon bestseller?”

Answer: it isn’t hard at all.

With less than a dozen book sales in the same hour, you can crush it and become #1 in your (most likely) obscure category on Amazon. Price your book at a reasonable $6.99, and you’ve made less than $50 for all of your time, effort, and investment.

Not what you had in mind, I’m sure. Definitely not what I have in mind!

Better question: “How does someone write a best-earning book?”

Each of my books has one purpose: to reach as many readers as possible, help as many people as possible, and earn as much as possible.

With that in mind, I strategically design each book, write, edit, and publish it with the help of a highly-skilled team, all while keeping an eye on the time, money, energy, and effort I put into it. If you want a book that boosts your brand, helps you get more business, and become the go-to expert (as well as make money from now until long after you’ve left this planet), you need to observe the same publishing principals.

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