3 Ways to Get Any Expert’s Secret Sauce

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Experts are busy people. Every person I know who is accomplished, from top attorneys to business owners and entrepreneurs, all have a hectic production schedule and a to do list a mile long. Requests for information and attention abound, and while most requests are turned away, there are several ways into the hearts and minds of the best in their business.

Before I tell you how to do gain access, I’m going to lead with what not to do … no sense ending the dance before it starts, right? Right.

I want you to be successful in your quest to get in with the right people, be able to endear yourself to them, and have access to information other people won’t. Just about any expert will reveal their secret sauce when approached in the right way. Ready?

If you can’t afford to pay, revert back to “giving” and “praising.” Every successful expert I know has a place in their heart for anyone following in their shoes, especially when they’re ambitious, friendly, and grateful.

Ultimately, it’s not hard to gain access to the people who can help you in your quest for success, so use my tips, above, to bridge the gap. Your approach, done well, will get you everything you want and more than you could possibly imagine.

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