Every Business Professional Needs to Write a Book

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 “Have a book to hand out, and you will stand out.” ~@Honoree
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Are you exceptional in your field? On the cusp of taking the next step but don’t know how to make it happen?

Would you like to be the one that gets called for TED or TEDx Talks?

In her new release, You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get More Business, and Become the Go-To Expert, author, speaker, and business manager to the best-selling The Miracle Morning book series, Honorée Corder demystifies what it takes to go from “I don’t know where to begin” to climbing up the Amazon rankings.

Honorée Corder is an expert in the field of publishing and knows what few will tell you. Books are the new business card. She has written almost two dozen books, leveraged those books to build a successful speaking career (TEDx Talk: Authenticity is the New Black) and coaching career, and currently has dozens of streams of income. When she wrote and self-published her first book Tall Order! twelve years ago it, she didn’t know one was supposed to buy 1,000 copies and let 900 of them rot away in her garage. She ordered 5,000 copies. A week later she ordered 5,000 more because the first run sold out. The second run didn’t last much longer.

In You Must Write a Book, she begins by laying out the case for what your book will do for your business.

Saying you’re the best at what you do falls on deaf ears.

A slick business card, shiny website, and advanced degrees are the norm. If you want to stand out, to rise above the rest, you need the cachet that comes with being an author.

The world of publishing has been turned upside down and the new rulers of the jungle are indie authors. Honorée Corder explains who must write a book, the why, and the strategic thinking one needs to finish with a polished product that is indistinguishable from the tomes that come out of New York.

Who Must Write a Book?

The most common excuse that stops people in their tracks is I’m not a writer, and this simply isn’t true. You write notes, emails, briefs, reports, and clever Facebook posts about your cat, every single day. You ARE a writer.

The question most asked is, What would I possibly have to say? The answer is so, so, much. You have a unique combination of life experience, education, and knowledge that give you a voice unlike anyone else. You know more than you think. Honorée shares her own experience with overcoming doubt that her message would resonate with readers. You’ll go from wondering, Who am I to write a book? to knowing without a doubt the “who” is you.

Why Write a Book?

A book helps you dominate your market, differentiates you from “that guy who says he does what you do” (but really doesn’t), and it makes you more cool at cocktail parties. Have a book to hand out, and you will stand out.

A book establishes authority. Sure, degrees, certifications, or licenses may have taken years to obtain and are supposed to establish authority, but you can’t run a Facebook ad about your Ph.D. Having a book with your name on it rises above anything else you have done or can do.

More than all of that, a book lives forever. It can generate royalties for you for your entire life, and then for seventy years after you’re gone. Indeed, it can be your legacy.

How do I Write, Publish, and Market My Book?

This is the meat of You Must Write a Book. Honorée begins with pre-book strategic thinking, which covers the goals of the book and how to achieve them. Are you writing a book to get your message out? Do you want the book to land you speaking gigs at $10,000 an hour? Are you building your brand? Is this book’s mission to make you a highly sought after consultant?

It is the understanding of the mission that will lead to a successful 100-day plan. She discusses the need to consider whether the book will be an ebook, audio book, paperback, hard cover, secure foreign translations, or all of the above, and how one makes that happen.

After building a plan, one must consider the editing, cover art, and whether to self-publish or seek a traditional deal. She covers the pros and cons of either route.

By the time you finish with the chapters on marketing strategy, you’ll be ready to get to writing. The process of going from fear to final draft and then to finished product is an amazing journey. It will change your life. Writing a book has been your dream. Get started now by picking up your copy of You Must Write a Book.

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