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I attended a meeting this morning and one of the people in attendance was talking about his goals for this year. We belong to a group, and he shared that the group provides his business with a substantial amount of business each year. Yet, not everyone in the group has purchased his services, or refers him business.

It got me thinking about why some people get referred a lot, and others not so much. If you’re not getting as much business as you’d like, here are a few questions to consider:

Are you likable? Being likable is a funny thing. I believe being likable means people feel like you like them, and it’s comfortable and easy to be around you. The fastest and easiest way to become more likable is actually to become more likable to yourself. If you have some work to do in this area, don’t despair! You’re not alone, in fact, more people are uncomfortable with themselves then are comfortable. Spend some time working on yourself, and I suggest you start by reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In this classic tome, Hill addresses self-confidence. A person with an abundance of self-confidence likes themselves, and others, and it shows.

Are you approachable? By approachable I mean, do people feel like you’re someone they can talk to about your area of expertise without being made to feel, for lack of a better term, stupid. Every single profession requires expertise, and as an expert in your field it is your job to increase expertise and the knowledge of what you do to others. My corporate attorney, Adam Fox, is amazingly smart and very knowledgeable. I’m sure I ask lots of questions that reveal my lack of knowledge. But any time and every time I ask Adam questions, he answers them in a way that makes me feel good. I think an expert is someone who is truly approachable, and someone who shares their knowledge freely with those who don’t have the same level of expertise. Is that you?

Are you affordable, and do others know? Just last week, my favorite travel agent Carol Mata shared that her services are free. To quote my favorite bookkeeper, Amorette Maroney, “This is a game changer! Why would you not use her to book your travel? I mean, it’s free!” Indeed, why would someone not use her? In fact, why would someone not use you, even if you are not free? My bigger point is this: do people know the services you offer, how much they cost, and why in particular they should engage you in business? If not, you will want to engage in a marketing campaign specifically focused on educating your clients and strategic partners about exactly what you do.

How others perceive you, and feel about you, informs and influences whether or not they hire or refer you. If you have work to do in any of these areas, join the club! We are all works in progress. I find that success is as much 98% inner preparation, and with a good amount of work on yourself, you will find that a grand amount of success will come in short order.

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