Start Growing Your Prospective Reader List Now

You might be wondering when should you start building a list of prospective readers. Answer: The minute you decide to write your book! And, you might also be wondering, How do I find readers, especially before I have a book?

I have several recommendations, each of them individually will help you find readers. Combine them and you can grow your list of readers to ultimately reach the goals you have for your book!

1. Have a strong website presence.

Several options here: (1) Have a website with your name (, (2) add a dedicated book page to your existing site, (3) get a separate website with your book’s title (, (4) get a separate website with author + your name (, or (5) add a link to purchase your book on a retail site, such as Amazon, on your existing site.

On your site, you will have the option for people to join your list so you can communicate with them about your book and the other products and services you offer.

2. Design a professional page on Facebook.

Even before your book is published, you can set up a page on Facebook dedicated to your business and your book. Read Sell More Books with Less Social Media by Chris Syme to learn everything you need to know about social media and your book (and your business … including Facebook).

3. Your newsletter list is your prospective reader list.

As a businessperson who most likely sends out a weekly or monthly newsletter, you already have a list of prospective readers. But is everyone who should be on that list actually on it? With permission, of course, ask fellow members of your Rotary Club, Toastmasters, BNI, Chamber of Commerce, and other social and civic organizations you belong to if you can add them to your list. Add your book to your signature:

Your Name

Author of the upcoming book:  Your Title Here. (<– with a link to the site or page where they can learn more).

Two important things to note:

First, your newsletters aren’t advertisements for your products and services, right? They actually are high-content, informative, and helpful to the reader … when this is the case, no-one will mind receiving it.

Second, it is super cool to be an author! And, people love someone who is writing their own book! Especially if said book might be of interest to them once it’s finished.

4. Network with other business book authors. 

Authors love other authors, and if said authors are super cool and fun, love to help them with their books. A strong author network will help you in multiple ways: other authors can share your book with their networks, and help you in other ways, too (one example: if you are also a speaker, they can provide introductions or even recommendations). You can offer an advanced copy to other authors for them to read (which is a big ask), review, and/or recommend your book, which can add lots of prospective readers and clients to your list.

5. The Great Giveaway. 

Prospective readers and clients alike will join your list in exchange for something of value you offer at no charge. You can give away a free assessment, quiz, or access to something of monetary value in exchange for their email address. While you’re in the process of writing your book, think of what you can give away and set up an opt-in page (example) on your email newsletter server.

Building your list of prospective readers begins today and ends, well, never. (Smile). The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be. Did I leave anything out and you have a question? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll answer it right away!

Happy writing!


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