Have You Found Your People Yet?

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Going it alone is sometimes par for the course for writers. I mean, how else do the words get written?

But it wasn’t until I attended the predecessor of the Smarter Artist Summit in 2015 that I felt like I had “found my people.” The Colonists Summit was an all-writer conference hosted by the guys who also do the Self-Publishing Podcast. I really wanted to meet them, and sometimes a girl just has to pay to play, you know what I mean?

I didn’t figure I could just call them up and tell them we needed to know each other. What started as an attempt to build relationships with people I admired greatly has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

When you meet people in the real world, they ask your name and what you do. At a writing conference, people ask What do you write? I loved connected with other writers, specifically self-publishers who write fiction and non-fiction, are editors, artists, software developers, book formatters, and so much more.

I now have friendships I cherish, people I can call on when I have a question, problem, or something cool to celebrate … and I even have a few co-author projects in the works. All because I finally found my people.

As my friend Brian D. Meeks, a.k.a. The Vagabond Novelist says, My friends might get tired of hearing me talk about the book business, but my author buddies never do.

If, as a writer, you’re looking for like-minded people, I highly suggest you attend the Smarter Artist Summit in 2017 here in Austin, and without question, hope you’ll seek out other opportunities to connect with other writers and authors. Attending conferences as introverts might sound overwhelming and intimidating, but I promise you will walk away fired up and ready to write even more.

Your writing, and your spirit, will be all the better for it. Cheers to you finding your people! 🙂

Happy Writing!

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~Good Editing: There is nothing like having an editor that is highly-skilled in their craft to make it look like you are a rock star writer!The smart and talented folks at Writership can help, and another fantastic option is Amy Teegan (email her at Amy@LemonandRaspberry.com).

~Good Book Formatting: The competition for catching someone’s eye is getting stiffer by the day, and I believe having a self-published book that looks professional, and is indistinguishable from a traditionally published books is mandatory. I use 3CsBooks.com for professionally designed ebooks and paperbacks. Fast, fairly-priced, and excellent quality.

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