How Do You Know WHO Deserves Your Follow-Up?

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I first wrote about the fortune in the follow-up quite some time ago, and there’s one question almost every single person asks,

How do I know who I should continue to follow-up with?!

And just like every question, that’s a great question! The answer is actually very simple, and will take the guesswork out of the equation.

There are 8 total “boxes” (criteria) you need to check, 3 pre-qualifiers and 5 qualifiers, that give you your answer. If they are all checked​, keep following up. If they aren’t, or at anytime don’t, move along. There are plenty (plenty!) of prospects!

Here are the three pre-qualifiers: one – you like your prospect; two – your prospect likes you; three – you know that you know that you know you can help them. If you don’t like them, and vice versa, no sale. If you’re the tiniest bit unsure about whether you can help them, move on. These three qualifiers must be in place for you to consider someone to be a good prospective client.

When all three of these are met, continue on to see if they meet the next five criteria:

Four – they require what you’re selling (either they have to have it because it’s a mandate, or they feel compelled for their own reasons); five – they desire what you’re selling (if they don’t want it, why are you trying to sell it to them?); six – you can help them avoid pain, gain pleasure, or (double bonus points) both; seven – they are the decision-maker (if you have to ask “who’s your daddy?” they aren’t the decision maker; alternatively, they have to have influence with the decision maker if they aren’t it); eight – they can afford to buy.

When all eight criteria are met, you follow-up until…

Make sense? You’re looking for companies and/or individuals, depending up on your ideal client profile, who meet these eight criteria. Of course, I have a book all about this, and you’ll love it.

Any questions? Send me an email or leave in the comments below. Have a terrific week!

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