How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Book


A couple of weeks ago, I talked about putting your books for sale on the various online retailer platforms. One piece of information you’ll need to fill out is also one of the most under-utilized options for helping retailers sell more of your books. Keywords aren’t just keywords, they are strings of words you can choose, and correctly identifying the right keywords can connect those searching for books on your topic with your book.

To clarify, simplify and even provide a way for you to quickly determine your keywords, you’ll want to read this in-depth article by my author colleague Dave Chesson: Complete Guide to Kindle Keywords. Keep in mind you’ll be using keywords on almost every online retailer, and knowing what words drive people to purchase your books is an important key to your success. Dave has a cool tool you can purchase, too, that will make choosing the right keywords even faster and easier than simply knowing what to do!

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Happy writing!

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