How to Navigate Amazon’s KDP & Other Digital eBook Retailers

When you’ve done something a few dozen times, it loses the ability to overwhelm or cause confusion. But the first time I do anything, the learning curve can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially those little details you don’t even know you don’t even know about!

As it turns out, some of you haven’t gotten your books started because you can’t figure out how to get it up for sale on Amazon. I do talk a little bit about this in You Must Write a Book, but I thought some additional information would be incredibly helpful (and take the intimidation factor out of the mix).

First, you’ll need an account on each platform. Here are the links for the three major online retailers:

You’ll also want to check out Draft2Digital (which allows you to publish on all three of the above retailers and several more). Note: I do suggest going direct at least through Amazon.

Next, you’ll need the following information for each platform:

Note: I highly recommend setting up a separate entity, or at least your business for your book(s) (as opposed to using your personal information/social security number).

Finally, you can set up your book! You’ll need all of the following information, and it’s a great idea to have everything handy before you begin.

For each book title: (items in blue are Amazon only)

I will be expanding about keywords, categories, and book descriptions in future posts. Feel free to ask me anything via email or in the blog’s comment section.

Happy writing!


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