How’s Your Attitude?

If you haven’t read about doubling down, you’ll want to take a step back and start here.

I believe the very first influencer of success is attitude. Now, I’m sure you agree everyone thinks they have a great attitude, and of course, that’s not true… Are you a bona-fide positive-attitude-haver … or do you have some work to do in this area?

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Step Two: Master Your Mindset

Got attitude? Negative or positive? Yes, I’m talking about what’s going on inside of your mind! I truly believe that the most competent, talented person will f-a-i-l without a fantastic attitude.

You may be committing “mental malpractice” … not making a positive attitude mandatory and therefore living out the unfavorable results of your thoughts. If you don’t have a fantastic attitude you simply won’t have a fantastic life. That, my friend, is mental malpractice in the highest order.

What you may have realized is your attitude determines your success, and yet have not taken ownership (yet) of the fact that your attitude is determined solely by you! When asked what determined their attitude, many will cite, “my family,” “my circumstances,” or worse, “the weather.”

The consequences of negative attitude and not mastering your mindset are often harsh, yet always fair. When we focus on the negative, our ability to be creative is lost. Our immune systems are compromised. It drains energy. Causes stress. Increases worry. Prolongs painful situations. Affects our ability to listen – and communicate. Need I say more?

In truth, every situation is an opportunity for growth and learning. You are the master, not the victim, of your present circumstances and your mindset — if you choose to be.

Follow these steps to master your mindset, and stop committing mental malpractice for good!

1. Develop a “no whining” policy. Once you’ve determined where you are (your “point A”) focus on the strategies and solutions for getting to your end result. Stay “in solution” by focusing on how you can make it happen, versus why it may not happen, until you get your desired result.

2. Focus solely on what you want, and nothing else. Use the power of your subconscious mind to effortlessly draw your desired results to you. Close your eyes and visualize your goals as if they have already been achieved. Get associated with how you will feel once you are working with those new clients or driving that new car.

3. Be grateful. Spend a few moments each day giving thanks for everyone and everything in your life that you are thankful for – when you connect with gratitude, the fear simply goes away. Adopt the belief that “every day above ground is a great day.” It’s true – if you’re reading this, then you’re still here. There’s still hope and the possibility for you to have, do, be and create anything and everything you truly want.

4. Set a time limit and adopt “Can’t Change It!” Hal Elrod, one of my favorite peeps and a Mindset Master, has a cool and effective strategy. Give yourself five minutes or less to “vent” about a situation that’s got your goat. Then say, “Can’t change it!” and move on. If you need more of a reminder, go here for help. Then refer back to #2.

5. When all else fails, or as a pre-emptive act, read this post.

You can master your mindset today! It all starts with a decision. Go for it!

P.S. If you missed Step One: Double Down, you’ll find it here.



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