It’s Time to Double Down!

It’s exciting to look forward to something, and next year is always a fun focus {especially if this year isn’t turning out the way you thought it might}.

I want to help you get set up for the best year you could possibly have. And you might be surprised that my advice includes:

Step One: Double Down

If you’ve already “called it a year” and are focusing solely on what next year holds for you, you’re missing out on the huge opportunity right in front of you: the remainder of the year you’re already in.

In the middle of November, there are 46 days left in the year or around 12.6% of the year left. You wouldn’t want to waste almost 13% of a year, so don’t!

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I advise my clients this time of year to “hit the tape running,” which is what my dad always told me when I was a competitive runner. Many races are lost because the leader pulls up right before the finish line, and the winner wins by a stride because he was still going full-throttle as he crossed the finish line. You, too, need to hit the tape {December 31st} still going full out  — because you’ll get the most out of this year and you’ll start the new year with a running start.

Now, this isn’t my first rodeo and I know you’re going to take off several of those days to enjoy holidays with friends and family, overindulge in yummy goodness, and lots of other fun and frivolity. And that’s perfectly fine.

That being said, you still have plenty of days left to:

You have an amazing opportunity to close this year with the smile that comes with a job well done, knowing you’re set up to win big next year. So what are you waiting for? Get after it!


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