Listen Up to Rock Your Prosperity Mindset!

Hello, my writer friend!

I’ve been having an amazing time lately–how about you?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying the fruits of my labor and having lots of fun conversations, meals, and coffees with my fellow writer friends. And, well, napping. Brian Meeks has gotten me addicted to napping and data (and understanding my data means I can take more naps! Yeah!). But I digress.

In some of those conversations, I would say I heard on the Sell More Books Show or On The Writer Files Podcast I heard … or It was interesting to listen to hear Pat Flynn talk about his first book on … and have the person I was talking to say, I don’t know that podcast.

(As an aside, I am so happy to have found “my people.” I love talking all things writing and the book business with them … and you!)

I’ve gotten so much of my inspiration and many tips and strategies from listening to the writers and successful authors who have gone before me, or who have made major progress in areas I hadn’t cracked yet. I don’t know how much longer my learning/figuring-it-out curve would have continued (and continues!) to go on without the insights, resources, and straight-up information from those podcasts. Read: I think I’ve gotten better at writing and made more money and some really great friends because of my listening habits.

So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

I hope you’ll tune in and find yourself on the expressway to full-time prosperous writer, or accelerate your success to heights you haven’t before imagined (or didn’t quite know how to get there)!

Authority Self-Publishing with Steve Scott, Barrie Davenport & Ron Clendenin

Creative Writing Career with Stephan Bugaj, Justin Sloan & Kevin Tumlinson

The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn

The Wordslinger Podcast with Kevin Tumlinson

The Writer Files with Kelton Reid

The Author Hangout with Shawn Manaher

Authorpreneur with Jim Kukral

The Sell More Books Show with Jim Kukral & Bryan Cohen

Author Strong with Mat Morris & Nancy Elliott

The Author Biz with Stephen Campbell

Rockin’ Self-Publishing with Simon Whistler

All of the podcasts on the Sterling & Stone network (there are more than 8 and they are all great)!

You might be wondering how in the world I have time to listen to all of them. I always start Monday mornings in the gym with Joanna Penn. I usually extend my workout until it’s done. Then I go with what’s in my queue.

My secret? I listen at 1.5 or 2 times the speedI skip podcast topics that don’t really apply to me. I listen every chance I get.

It took me a while to get used to listening at such a rapid pace, but now I can knock out 2-3 podcasts or more in about an hour. I also have lots of “mom duties” (laundry, cooking, you know, the fun stuff), and so I always have earphones in and I’m listening whenever I’m doing something “mindless” (ahem), and when I’m driving. Sometimes I’m waaaaay behind, and I keep listening until I get caught up when I can (thank you weekend trips to the in-laws).

I hope some of your favorites made the list, and you’ve discovered some new ones. Listening to podcasts can be just what you need to get started, keep going, or give you a shot in the arm right when you need it. I always get an idea or two captured in my Bullet Journal from each podcast, which is always awesome.

I’m a little scared to ask, but I will anyway, what are your favorites/who am I missing? I’d love to know.

More Good Stuff …

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