Magnetizing New Business, Part One

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But why on Earth would you want to do that? I know you wouldn’t! You most likely want to work with, and serve, the exact right people at the exact right time, effortlessly exceeding your goals, achieving the mega-success you dream about, and {you know I can’t resist!} turn your Vision to Reality! While I’m a believer in the Law of Attraction, I also believe, “As you pray, move your feet.” In other words, with intention must come action. I know from experience there are actions you can take to magnify your desired positive results.I witness a lot of people trying to “make business happen,” all the while struggling and striving, when they could be attracting and thriving. You see, it is possible to force people to do business with you, to bully them into submission, to give you a yes to shut you up when they really want to say “No!” and run the other direction.

That’s why I’m doing this 4-part series on Magnetizing New Business. For the next few posts, I’m going to share with you 8 keys to becoming irresistible to new business. Short of sending you to a charm-school intensive, these are the top tried-and-true methods for upping your approachability aptitude and magnetizing new business.

Key #1: Know What’s Up and Have a Positive Conversation Starter. Remember when you had to “keep up with current events” in school? The grown-up version is to be aware of what’s going on in the world … but not so aware that is causes you to stress or have high anxiety. I subscribe to The Skimm, and in about 3 minutes I’m up to date on current events. That way when someone asks your opinion on world events, you can weigh in. HOWEVER, there’s also another tactic that will both make you an interesting conversationalist and help you increase both your motivation levels and positive attitude (in ways the news never can): read a fabulous book (for some top-notch suggestions go here and here) or listen to Entrepreneur on Fire or the Achieve Your Goals podcast. You’ll stumble upon a nugget you can be ready to share with the people you meet over the course of the day, creating interest in you and, more than likely, your products or services. In other words, be ready to initiate a positive conversation with everyone you meet, and those same people will be attracted to your positive energy, want to know more about you, spend more time around you, and get to know you. Can you see how this would exponentially increase the likelihood they engage you and your services or buy your products as well?

Key #2: Find and Focus on Common Points of Interest {CPIs}. The fastest rapport builder in existence is what you have in common with your prospects, clients and strategic partners. Whether you’re from the same small hometown, have the same alma mater, or love the same hobby, discovering those CPIs will make you instantly fascinating. How do you uncover these relationship-enhancing gems? Well, thank you for asking! Use the “W” questions: Who, What, When, Where and Why? Who are you? Who do you work for? What do you do for a living? What are you excited about? When is your next vacation? When did you graduate? Where are you from? Where do you live {what part of town}? Why do you do what you do? Why did you move here? These questions, when asked from a state of curiosity, can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship … and we all know that people want to do business with their friends: people they know, like and trust. By asking the right questions, listening intently, and engaging and being engaging, you become someone everyone looks forward to knowing and hiring.

I know you’ll enjoy practicing these two Magnetic Marketing Keys over the next few days, and keep using them until you’ve mastered them. I’ll be back shortly with Part Two.



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