Myth #2: Traditional Publishing Means Easy Book Sales

The real truth: Whether you independently (self) publish your book, or you’re signed by a major publisher, book marketing and book sales are almost the sole responsibility of the author.


Because the publisher’s job is to publish a book professionally. To ensure the quality and content are top-shelf. To publish on time. Not to market or sell books.

Now it’s true: if you have a large platform, traditional publishers will garner you some PR, get expanded distribution for your book, and even place your book in some hard-to-reach places.

But at the end of the day, for the book to become a true best-selling and best-earning) book, you (the author) will need to market, market, market.

The good news is you can professionally publish it yourself, and you can make money from your book. The best news is that with a creative, intentional book marketing plan, you can not only earn substantial royalties from the sales of your book, you can also turn your book in to multiple streams of income.

Oh, and one more thing: book marketing is fun! Connecting with readers, sharing your knowledge and expertise–all fun! So, create a book marketing plan consistent with the vision and goals you have for your book and get your book out there! You and your book deserve it!

If you’d like help designing your book marketing plan, I can help. I provide Strategic Book Coaching to a limited number of authors each year. Email to availability and pricing.