“Never give up!” and other lessons I learned from Diana Nyad

DianaDiana Nyad

I will admit I hadn’t closely followed Diana Nyad’s four previous attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida, but when I saw this news alert on my phone,

 CNN: Diana Nyad, 64, is about 2 miles shy of finishing her swim from Cuba to Florida, a goal she’s persued for 35 years.

and I saw messages of encouragement on my Facebook timeline, I knew I needed to tune in.

I tend to stay away from the news, because rarely does it inspire me to be a better person, go for my dreams, or think bigger. This is one news story I can’t get enough of, and lessons abound from watching Diana’s interviews this morning on The Today Show and CBS.

Here’s what I’ve learned from Diana:

What did you learn? What would you attempt if you knew for sure you would succeed? Start today.

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