P is for Perfection

Perfect doesn’t exist. I know, I spent far too many years looking for it, striving for it and pretending I had it.

I had a long conversation today with a close friend and colleague about perfection, happiness, and success. She wanted to know how I “do it” and “make it look so easy.” While I appreciate that, I thought this post could shed some light on what I do that works for me, and help you discover what might work for you. My readers, clients and followers tend to be “type-A, Mach-1 with their hair on fire” types who are uber-successful and not always happy with the process.

We have learned that we are supposed to be busy (all the time).  We’re supposed to say yes to everyone, be completely frenetic and crazy.  No-one wants to see someone who is calm, collected and organized because they think they’re a freak of nature.  But that actually is our natural state. It is YOUR natural state. Let me help you get there, starting now:

*Let your assistant do all of the things you’re doing that are she/he could be doing. You should be billing many more of the hours you’re working.

Enjoy today. You never know, it could just be your last day.

It’s your life and you get to decide — so decide and get going!

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