Planning Your Book Launch Party

You’ve got a book (or it’s this close), and you’re wondering how to commemorate the big occasion, make a big splash, and sell some books, right?

I’ve launched almost thirty of my own books so far, and I’ve done everything from have a huge party to, well, almost nothing.

What should you do?

For your first (perhaps only) or one of your first books, I encourage you to celebrate BIG! Publishing a book is no small accomplishment! If there was ever a time to throw a party, it’s for the launch of your book.



The Day of the Big Event

Now don’t shoot the messenger, but your launch party is simply the beginning. Marketing your book lasts for the rest of your life, so settle in for the long haul. And remember to enjoy it! Being an author is great fun!


~How to Use Your Book to Market Your Book by Tim Grahl

~I recommend Blinkist for consuming books in 10-15 minutes (it’s my new favorite app!).

~My author buddy, Brian Meeks, was on the Creative Penn last week! Check out this episode to master your Amazon Ads.


Do you like BookBub? This site is crazy awesome and notifies you when books go on sale (think 99 cents). I have an Author Page with BookBub and if you follow me there, they will send you a personal note when I have a book sale. It’s that easy! Click here and hit the “Follow Me” at the top right of my profile.



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