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The month of October is #PoweredByIndie. Throughout October, Amazon is celebrating great writing published via Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace and Audiobook Creation Exchange. The celebration includes a vast spectrum of books presented to entertain, excite, and inform. Amazon’s top authors share their paths as independent writers and showcase their favorite books to take readers on a journey of fact and fiction. You can check out #PoweredbyIndie on Amazon here.

Here are just three quick reasons I love being an indie author:

First: Complete creative control. As an indie, you get to decide your cover, interior design, sales copy, and content.

Second: Speed to market. It was just 122 days from idea to publication for You Must Write a Book. Some of my indie colleagues write and launch their books within 2-3 weeks! Traditional publishing can take up to two years… Also, updates and corrections can be made with ease (and quickly), which can really come in handy!

Third: Timing is everything. I can publish on my own terms, in my own timing. You Must Write a Book was released in conjunction with a very cool event I’m attending October 21st in New York City (stay tuned for details).

I truly love being an indie author. There are other reasons, too, and I’ll share some of them soon. In the meantime, tell me what you love about being an indie in the comments below (or what you know you’ll love about it).

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