Play2Pay eBook

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This guide is designed to help families find the right school, pay the right price and let the student PLAY instead of PAY the full retail price for a college education.

From experts who know: Beth Walker, Founder of College Funding Coaching, and Honoree Corder, Personal Transformation Expert, this guide is designed for families who want to send their student’s to college without going broke and view partial athletic scholarship money as part of their overall funding strategy.

Yes – you read that correctly. Partial athletic scholarship money. Not full ride, everything-paid-for-by-playing-sports-in-college money.
This is a guide for college-bound athletes who desire an education that is partially paid for by participating in athletics and that is, in fact, their SUPER BOWL, STANLEY CUP, GOLD MEDAL, WIMBELDON, WORLD CUP – the pay off being a fabulous education at a fraction of the price.

This step-by-step guide includes templates for marketing to coaches, including sample letters, a resume, email campaign, talking points and much more!

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