STMA 100-Day Audio Program

$ 399.00

What type of tools and skills do you need now to ensure you will not simply survive, but smash your goals and turn your vision into your reality?

The STMA™ Audio Coaching program is one of the most flexible, on-demand solutions for executive and business coaching! The STMA™ is for professionals who want to jump-start their momentum and create success, balance and fulfillment in every area of their lives faster and easier than ever before. Honorée Enterprises introduces a virtual coaching solution for those who are unable to take advantage of personal 1-1 and group coaching services. Honorée has created an on-line solution filled with audio, business templates, and much more. Price and time flexibility are no longer an obstacle. There is no excuse now!

With the STMA™ Audio solution, you are no longer limited to being available to a coach on their time, or training a few individuals in your organization at a time. Now individuals and/or groups can engage in a self-paced solution. Yes, this is the same program Honorée uses with her executive and business coaching clients, providing the proprietary time-proven recipe for individual and group effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Honorée just put it on steroids and made it completely virtual, just for you and your path to success!

The Program ideally takes place in daily and weekly segments: daily audios (10-20 minutes) for the first three weeks to turn daily actions into habits, then weekly audios and resources for remainder of 100 days to keep participants on track. The Program consists of multiple components that ensure its effectiveness:

• On-boarding: Each individual creates their 100-Day plan, vision and purpose. They choose three SMART goals. There are twenty-six (26) 10-20 minute pre-recorded audio sessions.

• Individual STMA™ Dashboard: Each participant is able to download a personal dashboard that they customize for maximum progress. Checking boxes moves strategically chosen daily actions into habits, along with weekly progress sheets to track your goal progress, effectiveness, and accountability.

o The STMA Dashboard, a Strategic Planning tool, is used as a guiding to ensure maximum productivity and progress.

o The 12×12 System, a networking tool that helps you build a solid referral network that will lead to a referral-only business!

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