The Divorced Phoenix

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Starting your life over after divorce? Rise from the ashes to find your new blueprint.

Has divorce trashed several decades worth of plans? Having trouble restarting everything from scratch? Bestselling author Honoree Corder has been there, and she can help you create a new vision, devise a new purpose, and even find a new love.

In the follow-up to her hit book If Divorce is a Game, These Are the Rules, Honoree goes beyond surviving divorce to helping you learn how to thrive. By following the author’s time-tested and no-nonsense advice, you can create a life that’s much better than anything you could’ve imaged (and that wasn’t possible if you’d stayed married).

In The Divorced Phoenix, you’ll discover:

  • How to choose yourself as the new number one to refocus your life
  • How to turn your post-divorce pain into a vision for a bright, new future
  • How to develop goals that get you out of bed and make you excited to live again
  • How to create a deep network of supporters to help you grow
  • How to date for fun and love after divorce, and much, much more!

The Divorced Phoenix is witty, easy-to-read, and jam-packed with useful insights and tools. Letting go of your old life isn’t easy, but Honoree’s straightforward, practical handbook can take you from crappy to creative, anxious to ecstatic, and stuck to stupendous when you follow the advice inside.

The time for coping is over. Let Honoree help you become everything you were always meant to be.

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