The Nifty 15

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Moving from dream to reality takes only fifteen minutes per day.

You know it’s been rattling around in your head since you were young. You want to write a book because the call of the muse has been getting stronger. And, perhaps you have heard You Must Write a Book.

The two keys to success for aspiring authors is consistency and a little bit of time.

Honorée Corder and Brian D. Meeks are full-time authors who have written over three dozen books combined, both fiction and non-fiction. Honorée is an expert in non-fiction and Brian has penned tomes across five fiction genres. They’ve combined their knowledge to lay out the best practices and answer the most common questions they hear from new authors.

The Nifty Fifteen will take you from the blank page to finished book by wiping away the fear that is born of not knowing where to begin.

In addition, you’ll be given access to Brian’s Beautiful Gears, which is a session by session look at how he wrote his 13th novel in just fifteen minutes per day. You’ll see the unedited work with all of its errors to show how a full-time author is worried about one thing…get the first rough draft out.

The edited version, all polished up and without the daily comments, will also be made available upon its release.

Lastly you’ll be given exercises that will make the process easy to undertake.

Everyone has a story to tell. It just takes a little time each day, so why not give The Nifty Fifteen a read.


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