The Prosperous Writer’s Guide to Finding Readers

$ 4.99

Do you know the OTHER ways to find readers?

What is your plan?

Have you ever thought about ROTI (Return on Time Investment)?

This book will give you the foundation to build a following. It will help you get fans, tell you how to nurture those fans until they grow into super fans, and take away the horrible fog of uncertainty that makes marketing such a challenge for authors.

—Help Define Your Plan
—New Ninja Strategies to Find Readers
—Read about the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Avoiding mistakes is as important as finding success.
—Build your plan with the tools you’ve learned throughout the book.

Marketing is about mindset.

Once you read about the unusual ways these authors go about hooking readers, you’ll have a starting toolkit to really jumpstart your book business.

Both Honoree and Brian are full-time authors who love this business. They will show you how they found their fan bases and soon you’ll have fans, too!

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