You Must Write a Book

$ 17.99

The single best tool every entrepreneur needs to build, boost, and grow their business.

Beyond technology, software, social media networks, even advertising and marketing campaigns, the biggest and best tool you’ll ever have in your belt is a business book with your name on the cover.

Authority and Credibility—Nothing establishes your authority faster or better, making it easier to attract investors, clients, and customers.

Brand recognition—Nothing makes your name and your brand easier to recognize, giving you greater reach with no additional overhead.

The ultimate business card—We’re hard-wired to hold on to books, to keep and care for them, and to share them with others. When’s the last time someone did that with your business card?

You Must Write a Book introduces you to these concepts and digs further—revealing not only the benefits of how a book can help you to build and grow your business and your brand, but how you can put your ideas on the page.

You’ll learn:

  • Why a book matters to your business
  • Pre-planning and strategic thinking, before putting even the first word on the page
  • How to write your book by committing to only a few words per day
  • How to hire ghostwriters or other professionals to get your ideas on the page, without writing a word
  • The steps for launching your book like a champ
  • Marketing plans—both for your book, and using your book to market yourself and your business

You’ll also learn from the masters—gain insight from some of the most advanced thinkers in publishing, so that you can skip level one and build from their success.

Get in on the wisdom from thought leaders such as Hal Elrod, Bryan Cohen, Pat Petrini, J.A. Huss, Steve Scott, James Altucher, Kevin Tumlinson, and many more.

If you are looking for a single tool to achieve next-level success, pick up your copy now!

Also available as an eBook for $7.99 here.

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