Prosperity for Writers

Prosperity for Writers
30-Day Transformation Program


“I’ve been writing. For aspiring writers that have trouble getting to the page, that might just be motivation enough to jump into Honorée’s Prosperity for Writer‘s course. The best part: I’ve been writing even more than I imagined. I write longhand and at my computer. I’m working on multiple projects. And ideas have been flowing – including solutions for tricky plot puzzles and nonfiction conundrums that need to be explained in exactly the right way. It’s the magic that I always expected but sabotaged with my inconsistency. Now I’m here, at the page, every day, savoring every precious drop of creative ecstasy. At last, my muses know where to find me. Or, more likely, I know where to find them.” ~Ephraim Mallery


Before I took Prosperity for Writers I was stuck. I had been trying to just be able to pay my bills with my creative work and was not even able to do that. I needed to make a dramatic change, and I am thrilled that I met Honorée when I did and was able to take this course. Throughout the course I learned to identify my own limiting beliefs and what I needed to do to break those down and move past them. I learned how to shift my mindset about prosperity and created my plan for the future. Now that the class is over, I can absolutely FEEL the difference in my approach to money, in the way I am handling my finances, and in the prosperity that is now in my life. This course was the perfect tool I needed, coming at the exact right moment in my life. I will always be grateful to Honorée and Prosperity for Writers for helping me make this life-changing pivot. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who doesn’t have the affluence, abundance or prosperity in their life that they desire. ~Amy Schubert, Lemon and Raspberry

Creating abundance in any area of your life is always going to require hard work and consistent effort. We all know that deep down inside. Where Honoree Corder’s Prosperity for Writers course excels is in pointing out how we can think differently about our efforts, our expectations, and our ability to make our dreams come true and more. The simple attitude shift of being on the lookout for prosperity, rather than for roadblocks and setbacks, is transformative! Once you raise those mental antennae, your powerful mind knows what you truly want and it will get to work. By simply giving yourself that information clearly and frequently, your experience of life will change. That may sound trivial until you see how it works! You look for the abundance, the evidence that you are worthy of your goals and so much more, rather than worrying what will go wrong next. You start to anticipate the next GOOD thing, and that gives you energy and enthusiasm for taking the next step. And the next. And the next. That changes everything, in your writing, your marketing, and most of all, in your life. I’m grateful to Honoree for making this training available and to myself for making my best effort to take in everything she offers. Most of all, I’m so excited to see what abundance every day will bring!  ~Kari Kilgore Spiral Writer

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a “starving artist” mentality? What do you need in order to increase income, productivity, happiness, and overall success?

The Prosperity for Writers Audio Program is the first program for writers that addresses, and eliminates, the cultural assumption that writers must struggle, strain and strive. This course teaches you to tap into the abundance mentality that best-sellers and rich, successful writers are already accessing, and it gives you practical, tangible action steps you will enjoy taking as you increase your productivity and your income.

Throughout this program, Honorée teaches you to manifest abundance in each area of your life! The Prosperity for Writers Audio Program is for writers who want to jump-start their momentum and create success and fulfillment in every area of their lives faster and easier than ever before. Honorée has created a solution for writers so that you can do what you truly love — and make more than enough doing it!

“I’ve been working at building a successful fiction writing business for years now, but something has always stood as a roadblock to my success. I’ve tried dozens of marketing coaches and books and programs, and I’ve paid thousands out of pocket to essentially get the same ol’ advice and the same ol’ results. But being a part of the Prosperity for Writers course was the first time I actually got real, solid direction for propelling myself forward as a prosperous author. The advice and techniques in this course work—they put me in tune with some of my own limiting beliefs and hangups, so that I could change them and have a big impact on my life and my work. I recommend this course to anyone who wants writing to be their source of a prosperous career. Staring out or stepping up your game, this course will give you the resources you need to get more out of your life and your career. It’s a game changer. More importantly, it’s a life changer.” ~Kevin Tumlinson

The Prosperity for Writers Audio Program is geared towards jump-starting your prosperity mindset and owning the fact that you, too, can make an abundant living from writing. With this program, you are no longer limited to a “starving artist” mentality. Honorée teaches you step-by-step how to transform your mind and stay on track with your writing goals. This program covers the beginner’s guide of the Law of Attraction and includes vital action steps and planning that is necessary for writing success.

“I’ve taken several money and prosperity courses from the practical to the spiritual. Honorée’s Prosperity for Writers class beats them all. Most of us possess unexamined thoughts about money and prosperity. We believe these thoughts and can see only the evidence that supports them. Because thoughts lead to decisions about how we conduct business and manage our money, the wrong ones keep us stuck in old patterns. Honorée gave me the tools to eradicate my negative thoughts consistently so they can’t get in the way of the concrete actions that lead to my prosperity. After thirty days, I can already see the fruits (big and small) of the practices she shared. If you want to leave behind the myth of the starving artist, dive into this course now.” ~Leslie Watts,

“The Prosperity for Writers course helped me reframe my thinking about what is possible as a writer. My greatest takeaways were that I have unlimited power to affect the outcomes I desire from my writing [and from frankly anything I do]; and to be successful requires a few consistent daily practices that have cumulative effects in the long run. I highly recommend this course if you are plagued with self-doubt, or believe that only 4% of writers can be successful and make an abundant living from writing.” ~Wendy Nolin, Author: The Top 10 Best Investments in Yourself

The Program

Ideally, you’ll do the Class as it was originally taught: in weekly sessions over the course of four weeks.

There are 4 audio sessions (around 1 hour each), and you can listen to them one each for four weeks {or you can listen to them all in one morning!}. Totally up to you.

The Program consists of several components to assure its effectiveness:

~ Focused assignments and journaling to ensure you know exactly what you want from your writing and how to get it!

~ Daily activities and attitude boosters to guarantee you access the abundant flow of money, contacts, ideas, and more

~ Weekly homework assignments to ensure your “prosperity mindset” is in the flow and ready for anything!

~ 100-Day STMA {Short Term Massive Action} Plan. This daily planner will help you stay on track with your goals and help you achieve them faster! Checking boxes moves strategically chosen daily actions into habits, along with weekly progress sheets to track your goal progress, effectiveness, and accountability.

“The Prosperity for Writers Program is one of the most amazing courses I have ever taken! Not only did Honorée transform my thinking from lack to abundance, but she also provided the tools necessary to focus my writing style and audience. She made her 100-Day Action plan available, and explained step-by-step how to break down my goals and achieve small steps each day – allowing me to focus on what I want and how to get it. Along with that, I am sincerely a happier person and I believe in myself more than ever before! Writing as a living sometimes has a bad stigma {starving artist} and Honorée literally catapults you into finding out how successful writers think, act, and plan for ultimate abundance and prosperity.” ~Christina Culbertson

The Procedure:

~Prior to starting the Program, download the Prosperity for Writers 30-Day Transformation Program Manual. Fill it out.

~Prior to listening to each call, download the Week X Worksheet. You’ll use it during the call.

~After each call, download Week X Homework. Do the homework.

~Watch the magic happen: you’ll write more, better, faster, and you’ll find, earn, manifest and attract more money and abundance.

Who is Honorée? Honorée Corder is a best-selling author of more than a dozen books, including Vision to RealityBusiness DatingIf Divorce is a Game, These are the Rulesand The Successful Single Mom book series, among others. The Successful Single Mom book alone has sold over 50,000 paperback copies! Here’s what’s interesting: Honorée has no college degree, and has never taken a writing class. So everything she shares in this class she has overcome herself and lives each strategy, tip, tool, and idea herself … every single day. You can learn more about her here at