Relationships CAN Equal Book Sales

*But only if they’re nurtured and developed with genuine intention and purpose.

I hope you’re working on your book! If not, check out The Nifty 15 and employ my not-so-secret super-secret (*smile*) for getting so many books written.

Even as you’re writing, it is important to be thinking about marketing with your book and marketing your book after its release. Throughout Phase I and well into Phase II (well into as in for the whole time), you must be relying on the good favor of other people to help you get the word out about your book.


Because the number one way someone discovers a new book is by personal recommendation. 

Relationships with the right folks can help you get those recommendations made and the commensurate book sales will follow. It stands to reason, then, that other people must be talking about your book. Sharing your book with their audience, network, and platform. You’ll want your best work connections, clients, and strategic partners to willingly and happily share the great news–you have a book!

How to best make that happen? Start with giving first! Here are my suggestions:

The biggest mistake you can make is waiting until you need something, and then asking for it! (Especially if the person you need help from is (a) busy … aren’t we all? and/or (b) hasn’t heard from you in a while.

Here are two resources that can help you do it really well: Business Dating and Harvey McKay’s Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty. These two books are terrific resources for your book and your business. Happy reading!

Today’s Action Item: Make a list of your best connections and schedule a time to reach out to them this week.


~Use Instagram for your book business! Here is Social Media Examiner’s Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide.

~You choose the platform you want to sell on, and BookFunnel will deliver your ebook with ease to advanced readers, strategic partners, and more! It’s one of my favorite book launch and promotion tools.

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