Rock Your Also-Boughts for Bigger, Better Book Sales

Brian D. Meeks and I have penned another book (launching next Monday, Memorial Day), The Prosperous Writer’s Guide to Finding Readers. We promise you’ll find new, innovative, creative and ninja ways to find more readers.

So you want to become a prosperous writer, or a more prosperous writer, and the sooner the better. Well, mastering today’s topic can help you do just that.

“Also-boughts” are the short-hand term for Customers who bought this item also bought on Amazon or More Books Like This on iBooks.

You want your books to show up next to other books in your category or genre, but how do you make that happen? It can happen organically over time, but if you don’t ensure the early purchasers of your book are your exact avatar (a topic I will dive into in another post), you may sell a few, some, or lots of books but your also-boughts won’t serve to find perfect future readers for your book.

What do you do if your also-boughts are populated with other books that are nothing like yours?  Here are a three possible fixers:

  1. Do a book promotion with other like/same authors. I recently participated in a 3-day 99 cent promotion for Prosperity for Writers and within two days, my also-boughts showed the other five books in the promotion. This worked because our books at full price ranged between $4.99 and $9.99, which made less than a buck a bargain! People snapped up some or all of the other books in record numbers (I sold more than 500 on the first day) and eliminated the odd also-boughts.

  2. Do regular cross-promotion. Similar to #1, putting together a group book promotion can be a little like herding cats. It’s a lot of work, and takes some time to get going. If you’re friendly with other authors in your genre (and if you smart, you are! P.S. Never burn a bridge!), then you can reach out and do quick cross promotions that can get your also-boughts in order fairly quickly.

  3. Update your keywords. Check out the book descriptions of other books, and perhaps their title will help you figure out which ones to use. For example, Chris Fox’s book, Six Figure Author is in alignment with Prosperity for WritersI could use “six figure author” as a key word. You can also use a cool tool like this to identify keywords, and here’s a great article about it: Complete Guide to Kindle Keywords.

How to avoid this problem in the first place:

  1. Form your Advanced Reader Team with as many people who are the ideal readers for your book as possible. And only with these ideal readers.

  2. Ask them to buy and leave a positive review as close to publication date as possible.

This gives data to online retailers that allows them to help you find other readers–and automatically populates your also-boughts with the other books they’ve read.

Yes, you can fix your also-boughts, but it’s a better idea to influence them intentionally from the beginning.

Next time, I’ll focus more on your avatar and why identifying one ideal reader is a best practice before you even write your first sentence.


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