Simplify for Success

My personal lifestyle goals include enjoying life, working as intelligently as possible, and still prospering massively. I use a few simple ideas in my quest for an amazing lifestyle. While implementing business-changing shifts looks easy, it takes thought, effort, and planning. In this four-week series, I’m going to share my strategies for creating a business that supports you financially and allows time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The first step is simplification. People say they hire me because they want to “double their income and triple their time off.” Entirely possible, because it’s been done by my clients again and again, and can be done by you, too!

The first thing you must learn to do is simplify everything, starting here:

  1. Ruthlessly evaluate each and every activity you’re engaging in, then reduce and eliminate those low-value activities that (a) take up valuable time while (b) contributing very little to your goals. It is tempting to answer emails, surf the web for a lower price, and go to Office Depot. Yet you could hire an assistant or have one of your team members handle these tasks for a fraction of your hourly earn rate. Delegating these tasks allows you to focus on the high-value activities that bring in the big bucks.

  2. Do more of the things that make an impact on your bottom line. These are known as revenue-generating activities {RGAs}. When I hear, “I spent the whole day in my office and got nothing important done,” I’m quite frankly flabbergasted. How on earth can you have a profitable business if you’re not getting anything of value done? Then exactly when will you do valuable, profit-increasing, revenue-generating activities that need to be done to keep the business moving in the right direction? Without question, you must first identify these activities and then schedule them on your calendar for your close attention every single day.

  3. Use “Zero-based Thinking” by asking yourself this question: What am I doing right now, that knowing what I now know, I wouldn’t start doing again if I was starting over (such as: a relationship, business, activity, product, service, expenditure of time or money). When identified, this activity/relationship/situation needs to be downsized, minimized or eliminated. Implementing Zero-based Thinking can simplify your life almost overnight (not to mention lowering your stress level). Most likely, the next-most important questions are: How do I get out of this? How fast can I delegate this? What should I do more of, less of, start, or stop doing?

The benefits of taking the time to simplify are well worth it. You’ll be doing work that’s productive, the work you’re doing will provide you with the cash-flow and profitability you need, so you can have the personal life you desire. The process takes time and is well worth the effort.

Next time we tackle leverage. Stay tuned!

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