Six Practices for a Prosperity Mindset

I’m deep into two books in The Miracle Morning book series, getting them ready to publish in May and June, as well as working on a few of my own book projects. I love being a writer for so many reasons … would you hit “reply” and tell me what you love most about being a writer?

Developing a prosperity mindset can sometimes be harder than it looks. Increasing your prosperity consciousness isn’t always as easy as 1-2-3, and sometimes trying to make a big leap can make you feel like these little guys.

I myself curated my big money mindset by first taking simple, small steps to change my default setting from I always feel like I never have enough to There’s always enough! Yay!

Here are six prosperity practices you can adopt, one at a time or all at once (if you’re feeling especially over-achiever-y). Remember: long journeys happen one small step at a time.

  1. Appreciate everything you have: a roof, food, a computer on which to write the words. Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you’ll end up frustrated … and that’s just no good. Make a list of your blessings, all that you have to be grateful for, and keep adding to it. Because gratitude is so incredibly powerful!

  1. Get an ATM. No, not a cash machine, an automatic transformative mantra. Anytime you spend money or pay a bill, say this: There’s always more where that came from! or As money goes out, immediately money comes back to me. I started saying this about two years ago, and you know what? It does: As money goes out, double the money comes back to me.

  1. Put your best foot forward. I feel better when I take a moment to put on some war paint (under eye concealer, blush, and a little lip color), a colorful top, and some cute shoes. Much better than when I could pass for a homeless person. I write better, think better, coach better, and even adult better when I spiff up a bit. So even if you’re home alone working all day, I highly suggest you look nice for you. Same goes with your home (and other) environment(s): don’t just tidy up when company is coming by — experience The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up for yourself. Make your home, office and car as awesome as you are!

  1. Start a fun fund. Set aside a portion of your income (1%, 5%, 10%) and use it only for having a blast. There’s no better way to reinforce to your subconscious mind that money is great than having a great time with it. You don’t need to be able to afford your own private jet or a $1000 pair of shoes, sometimes the biggest luxuries in life don’t cost a lot! In other words, the best things in life are free (love, hugs, and sleep, to name a few) … but some of the most fun things I’ve ever done haven’t cost very much but they sure did mean the world to me.

  1. Write every day. Read every day. Rinse. Repeat. Train yourself there are always more than enough words, just like you’re expanding your belief that there’s always more than enough money. Because there’s more than enough of both, for you.

  1. If you want something, give it away. I talk more about this in my TEDx Talk. Say I’ll treat!even if it’s just a cup of coffee or giving someone a box of their favorite tea.

Of course, you can do wonders for your prosperity consciousness with this little gem. 🙂

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