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Honorée —you got me fired up! Thank you for building my confidence! Honorée’s presentation was the perfect kick-off and her message of visualizing success was spot-on. Honorée was a great Monday morning opener as she really got the blood pumping in what could have been a sluggish session. Sean and I would both enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking for an energizing and knowledgeable speaker to kick butt and take names. Thanks so much for being part of our success! ~Johnny B Truant, COO Sterling Stone

We knew we needed someone to start us off strong for our third Smarter Artist Summit. We had no idea that Honorée would bring the house down. Every eye was on her. The few people who weren’t taking notes were probably feeling naked without their own notebooks or laptops. Our last Summit was the best one yet, and the overwhelmingly positive energy that Honorée Corder poured into our ballroom during her opening keynote had everything to do with that. We couldn’t have done it without her. ~ Sean Platt, CEO Sterling Stone

Honorée really captured the attention of our tribe, which is no easy task. Her quick-witted take on the world had them riveted—and keep in mind she followed Brooke Shields. I genuinely appreciate Honorée’s frank approach. I’m not about fluff and neither is she. Her stories are real, completely relatable, and just the sort of motivation women need to bring out their best. ~India Hicks, Founder, India Hicks Inc.

“Honorée does it again!  I asked for a speaker and author to do three things: 1. Share insight in a form we could easily digest and see applicable in our lives,  2.  Keep the topic fresh and interesting, and 3. Call us to action.  She did all of these things in grand form.  Her content was on-point to the crowd, her delivery on time and her call to action attainable for all.  She made me think, laugh, and instilled a fire in my belly to take the next step.  Inspirational and fun! #Winning!” ~Pat Muller, Director, TimeWarner Cable & Chairman, Inspire Mentor Program, WICT, Greater Texas Chapter 

“When I booked Honorée Corder to speak at my event, I knew she would deliver value because her reputation had preceded her as one of the world’s best coaches and trainers. Little did I know just how much value she would deliver! If you want engaging, results-oriented content without anyfluff, I highly recommend booking Honorée Corder to speak at your event.” ~Hal Elrod, Best-selling Author, The Miracle Morning

“Honorée is a true go-getter who has built a business and knows what it takes to drive results – it is what makes her such an amazing coach and speaker. I have done her in person boot-camp, personal coaching, and also I continuously work her 100 Day Plan. Honorée’s advice, encouragement, and coaching have significantly benefited my business and my productivity. I would recommend her to anyone looking to go to the next level in their business!” ~Andrea Waltz, Keynote Speaker on Overcoming Objections, co-author Go for No!

“The NSA Austin Writers SIG (Special Interest Group) was thrilled to have Honoree Corder as our guest presenter last month. Her reputation as an expert in self-publishing attracted one of our largest crowds, and the well-targeted information she provided kept everyone eagerly asking questions, taking notes and making plans. Nobody wanted to leave when her formal presentation was over!” ~Kent Cummins, Chair, NSA Austin Writers SIG

“I thought Honorée was sharp, witty and very willing to share information about her experience in the self-publishing industry. The insight she provided is very useful to a newcomer like me.” ~Stacy Wooten, Messengers7, CEO, Owner, Author & Speaker

“It was a delight to have Honorée speak to our group.  She provided us with helpful tools and techniques to simplify the writing and publishing process. And she shared helpful ‘hacks’ for the most difficult challenges related to producing a book. What I appreciated most was her willingness to provide suggestions, recommendations and ideas when it came to answering the audience’s most burning questions. We look forward to having her speak to our group again.” ~Cheryl Jones, President of Simply the Best Results

“Anyone who thinks that writing and publishing a book is an overwhelming task has not listened to Honorée or read this author’s successful book called, You Must Write a Book. Honorée Corder is a real pro and knows what she is talking about. Her proven step-by-step formula for writing your own book makes the task not only easier, but also enjoyable.” ~Tom Britton, Speaker and Author

“Honorée was quite a dynamic speaker!” ~Debbie Pearson, NurseCaseManagement.com



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