Stop Thinking and Start Inking!

I can hardly believe January has come to an end, this first month of the year just flew by!

Before we get started, I’d love for you to send me an email and tell me how you discovered me and my work.

I know from getting your emails, that many of you have been meaning to start working on your book but you haven’t quite gotten started yet. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out who your avatar is, or find the time to write, but you haven’t gotten past the cogitating stage.

I understand. I’ve been “working on a fiction series” for a while (ahem). It wasn’t until I put it on my calendar and started writing a little every day (and by little, I mean sometimes 5-10 minutes a day!).

Well, if you need a little kick in the keister, I’m your gal. Take it from someone who knows, you have to stop thinking, you have to stop meaning to start writing, and you have to just start doing it.

Pull out your calendar right now and schedule some time tomorrow to work on your book. You can start at the beginning of You Must Write a Book, take notes, or work through the exercises. You can work on your outline, or write down commonly asked questions, or open up a Word doc and just start writing. It’s up to you, the main idea is that you just begin.

I promise you that if you put an hour on your schedule (or 30, or even 15 minutes a day) and when the time comes you actually work on your book, a magical thing will happen. The book will begin to take shape before your very eyes (even without taking a massive amount of time).

But you can’t become an author without writing your book! You won’t be able to add “author” to your bio without taking the action it takes to write your book.

Are you writing? Not writing yet? Committing to writing? I want to know.

One year from today, you won’t regret having a book. The time to start, re-start, or keep going is today.

What is the date you have in mind to publish your book? Comment below (or pop me an email) and commit (to yourself and to me). 




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