Summer Maximization Strategy #6


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So it’s Tuesday again … how’s your summer going? Are you making progress on your goals, all while enjoying some downtime and fun times? I hope so!

You know when I get the most work done? Work that is my very best, when I’m at my best, smartest, and most productive? It happens when I am able to work undisturbed.  “Undisturbed,” you say? How in the world does that happen? Let me share with you what I have figured out…

You too, will find you get your best work done when you can concentrate and focus on the most important tasks at hand. But sometimes no sooner do we get into a project and someone knocks on our door, or we receive a text message, or our phone so nicely dings or buzzes to let us know we’ve received a brand-new email. Great, and no so great! The chances of that knock, message, call, or email really needing our attention right that second are, dare I say, slim-to-none. Yet, we can hardly help ourselves if we know someone is trying to reach us. If you’re like me, if the phone lights up, buzzes, or dings, I react almost like a trained seal: I have to take a look.

But I have figured out a way to foil myself and get a ton of work done…

I’ve located the “off” or “silent” option on every single device I own. I’ve even figured out how to turn off Facebook notifications (for which I should receive a gold star, I am sure), so that when I am deep into writing an email, post, or manuscript, I no longer get a flash across the screen letting me know that my BFF has updated her profile picture. Which means that I’m not even tempted to break or lose focus, which also means I get a whole lot done – – and it takes me a lot less time than if my focus was divided.

Because we are both human, you and me, I know we’re probably the same. Which means that when you locate the “off” and “silent” options on your devices and use them, you will find yourself getting a lot more juice out of your work lemon. And THAT means you’ve get more done in less time! (Can I get a “yay!”?)

Enjoy your maximum productivity, and I’ll see you next week!

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