The 5 Cornerstones of a Professionally Published Book

If I was “all full of joy and excitement” two weeks ago, today I just might spontaneously combust! This past Monday, Hal Elrod, Steve Scott and I released The Miracle Morning for Writers. Steve Scott did an incredible job of crafting a fully comprehensive resource for writers, and I know you’ll love it. Here is an interview the three of us did for, and here is the Achieve Your Goals Podcast episode where Hal interviews Steve.

I had breakfast last weekend with a new friend who is writing a book. He wanted to know what he had to do for sure to have a bestselling book. In my next post (in two weeks), I’m going to give you some hardcore pre-work to do before you consider writing a book. But let’s suppose you’re mostly done with your book, and you want to ensure it’s going to do well. Okay, I’ve got you. In addition to writing a fantastic book, here are the 5 most important boxes to check to greatly increase (and even multiply) your chances of success:

  1. Have an amazing cover. A great cover says, look at me, buy me, I’m awesome. A crappy cover does not get seen, or bought, or read. In essence, your book is destined for obscurity, no matter how fabulous the content. If you have a bad cover, you know it because your book isn’t selling. Try or ask me for one of my resources.

  1. Hire a professional editor (who only does editing for a living). Typos, incorrect grammar, missing words … all of these create a bumpy ride for your reader. Additionally, you’re an author which means there’s a certain standard a reader expects when they pick up a book. In addition to your cover, editing is the largest and perhaps the most important investment you will make in your book, and worth every penny. (Don’t use your neighbor who used to be an English teacher or someone who “thinks they can edit.”) Of course, I have a few recommendations when you have a need.

  1. Get some top-notch copywriting. Also known as sales copy, this is the description of your book on the back cover as well as on online retailers. For around $200, you can get a top-shelf book description that will sell books.Yup, I’ve got a couple of professional copywriters in my back pocket if you need ’em. Just ask!

  1. Get your book’s interior professionally designed. To ensure a smooth ride for your readers, your layout should look amazing. You’ll pay around $400-700 to ensure your ebook and paperback versions look professional and read well. And if you want customized designs, it’ll cost extra but I promise you, it’s worth every penny. I highly recommend, they did You Must Write a Book beautifully.

  1. Do a final proofread. Not part of the editing process, the final proofread is nevertheless an important piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t cost much to have a professional proofreader go through what you think is your final version and catch those pesky misspellings, missing words, and typos. Be sure to use a different person to proofread than the one who did your editing. At some point, we just can’t see the errors that exist anymore and a fresh set of eyes is crucial.

The idea of these five important components, above, is to create a professional product you’ll be able to sell with pride! One that can withstand the scrutiny of anyone who might read it, as well as create an enjoyable read.

If you hear someone say, Content doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be an expert. Just put your book out there, you can always go back and fix it (the cover, the editing, the content) later, RUN.

As more and more people self-publish, and do so in a way that is virtually indistinguishable from the big publishers, you have to make sure your publishing game is tight. You deserve it. Your book deserves it. Your readers deserve it. And finally, your prosperity depends upon it.

I’ll be back with you soon! Thanks for reading. I’d love to know how you’re doing, and, of course it would be great if you joined the The Prosperous Writer Mastermind on Facebook.

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