To Achieve Success, You Must COMMIT

This series of four posts has been all about the psychological pre-sets that must in place in order for you to be successful.

If you’ve missed the first 3 posts, here they are:

Let me be clear if you want success:

You have to commit and follow through.

Here’s the truth: 99% commitment sucks. 100% commitment rocks. Being almost fully committed is a nebulous place to be. Yet being in a “pants-on-fire, all-in, no matter what” state opens the door for all sorts of awesomeness. I understand you might be concerned you’ll fail. You might feel if you give it your all, you still might come up short. You might want to avoid putting yourself out there, because you’re afraid you might get hurt. I totally get it, and the truth is this: you have nothing to lose by giving your desires your all!

100% commitment rocks. And … it gets you the results you want. Here’s why:

When you commit to something, in this case a goal you desire to achieve, with your whole heart, soul, and being, you become unstoppable. It’s a simple step, this “being committed thing.” But being 100% committed sometimes isn’t easy because if you’re honest with yourself, there can be a smidge of doubt in the back of your mind. This shred of doubt is what could be holding you back.

So what?

Isn’t the point of a big goal to become a better version, dare I say the best version of yourself? Finding out what you’re truly made of? It is for me! The spoils that come with achieving a goal are just the icing on a giant, delicious cupcake. In the process, you’ll discover another level you might not have known you possessed, learned a lot about yourself (and those around you), and raised your personal standards. Bonus: you’ll never be the same again and you’ll approach new goals with a fierce determination. It sounds kinda fun when you think about it, doesn’t it?

I challenge you to stop standing in your own way and commit whole-heartedly to what you truly want. Step out in faith, faith in yourself, and when you do, the results will surprise you.

The actions that follow the commitment won’t come easily, yet they will come easier than they would have had you kept a little in reserve “just in case.” The more committed you are, literally the easier it will be to follow through on the action steps you choose as part of your plan.

To Commit: I commit 100% to achieving {goal} by {date}.

To Do: Commit to doing your daily actions daily. No matter what. If you’re an STMA-er, that means checking the boxes on your Dashboard every single day.

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Before you go, I have a question: Is there a time you said, “What the heck! I’m going to go for it!” and totally surprised yourself with some amazing results? Send me an email or leave a message on the blog.


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