Writer Resources Part 1

There’s no quick fix or magic bullet for writing. You have to sit yer arse in a chair and write. However, I do have some great resources to make your writing faster, easier, and better.

This is the first in a series of posts I’m going to write to give you my best strategies and ideas for writing a book, a blog, or even an email … and not being stressed about it. I’m going to share things you can do, start doing, stop doing, and consider. You can consider each of them part of a huge menu (think: Cheesecake Factory), and you get to choose what makes sense and sounds good for you.

I’m going to start with listening. Listening to podcasts revealed to me a community of people who were writers of all kinds: fiction, non-fiction, prolific, aspiring, bloggers, freelancers, scriptwriters and more. Here are podcasts I think are top-shelf:

You probably won’t listen to every episode, but I suggest you give a listen to every one of these podcasts at least once a month (more if you’re closer to the beginning of your writing career). You might not like them all, but give each one a try. Where can you find the time? Here’s when I listen:

The most amazing thing about these podcasts is, if nothing else, you’ll hear your fellow writers share their best ideas. There’s something about listening to other people do what we want to do that can spur us on to our own success.

Until next time, happy writing!

More Good Stuff…

~Focus made easy. I listen to the app “Focus @ Will.” There’s science behind it. It’s amazing. Try it!

~Think you don’t have time to write? I promise you do… Brian Meeks and I co-authored The Nifty 15: Write Your Book in Just 15 Minutes a Day. This could be just the “beautiful kick in the behind” you need!

~The You Must Write a Book LIVE Coaching Course  takes the guess-work out of crafting, writing, publishing, launching, and marketing your book. Find out more here.

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