Writer’s Block is Real….Or Is It?

I’ve written in the past about what prosperous writers do. Now I want to share with you how prosperous writers think.

There seems to be an assumption among artists that there needs to be a struggle. If you have a book, an article, or even a blog post to write, you’ll inevitably end up with writer’s block (which you may or may not need a legal or illegal substance to unblock).

What if I told you that the majority of prosperous writers don’t even believe in writer’s block? Yup, that’s right.

Prosperous writers don’t believe in writer’s block, which means they don’t have it. I’m sure there are some of you yelling at me right now – Of course writer’s block is real, Honorée, I know because I have it. 

You may not want to hear this, but the belief you’re holding is what is making your writer’s block a reality. Change your belief, change your (writing) life.

Let me ask you this: was there ever a time when you sat down and the words flowed from your fingertips as if by magic? You almost couldn’t type or talk fast enough to capture them all? If it can happen once, it can happen all the time. What precedes the cursor moving and the ink flowing is a belief it is possible for you. If it is possible for me, it’s possible for you.

No other profession on earth uses “a block” as a reason to not do their work. Secretaries don’t say, “I have secretary’s block so I can’t answer the phone or take a memo today.” I could go on, but you get the idea.

In my Google search about writer’s block, I found several interesting things: prompts for overcoming it, writer’s block software, games, advice, and even a cure … there is even a writer’s block Wikipedia page!

But my search also revealed Simon P. Clark’s 10 Reasons Writer’s Block Isn’t a Real Thing, which I think you should read and believe. Why? Because believing in writer’s block doesn’t serve you in any way. It certainly won’t pave a path to prosperity for you … as a writer.

I suggest, instead, that you develop the belief that you are a prosperous writer. When you sit down to write, the words flow so quickly you can’t capture them all and when you run out of time to write, you can’t wait for the next time you can write. While you’re at it, believe that people can’t wait to pay you for your words. Sound good?

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