Writing Your Book: The Outline

A question I get most often is How do I actually write my book? In other words, how do I identify the best contents for my book (and get it written)?

After you’ve decided on your main subject, you identify your desired outcomes, commit to writing the book, and get a resource to guide you.

Then, before you can write effectively and efficiently (and after you identify your avatar), your best bet is to create your outline.

Outlining your book creates the book’s construction, chapter by chapter, and allows you to fill in the subject matter in an easy (or at least easier) way. An outline really makes it almost effortless to get your knowledge out of your head and on paper.

Outline your books in three steps:

One. To identify the contents of your book, imagine you’re having a conversation with your ideal reader. Identify the questions they are most likely to have, write them down, and put them in a logical order.

Two. Turn the questions into chapters. Each chapter represents a sub-topic of the main subject of the book.

Three. Finalize your outline by including 3, 5 or even 10 points to cover in each chapter.

Once you’ve finalized your outline, your best course of action is to schedule time in advance to write. You’re an expert on the topic of your book, and the writing part should be fairly effortless–just answer the questions as you would if someone were sitting in front of you. Make sense?

Today’s Action Item: Start your outline by identifying the questions you get most often.


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